About Us

Century Stairs was established in 2000 to service home builders, renovators and home owners with a completely new method of stair and railing installation resulting in a superior finished product.  

Our system uses a Steel Frame structure to provide you with safe, temporary stairs (2" x 10" spruce treads) during construction. The temporary treads will be removed and replaced with our prefinished stairs and railings near completion of the construction project.  This system minimizes damage that can often be incurred during home construction and offers a cabinet finsh quality.  Our system's modular design also allows it to fit easily into renovations where a conventional staircase would be much more difficult to install.   Once  the construction project is next to complete we will install the prefinished stairs and railings minimizing damage that is normally incurred.  

Our team will oversee your project and ensure that every aspect is handled by the right person for that job.  Dealing individually with every detail from design and selection to installation, we will make sure that you are ecstatic about the finished product.

We guarantee all our workmanship and are extremely proud of the 1000's of successful homes, renovations and custom projects that our customers can enjoy AND rely on for the rest of their lives. 

We can provide a complete list of references and open houses that display the fine workmanship of our Stair and Railing Systems.

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